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Looking through the viewfinder, patiently waiting for that magic moment to come; a click on the shutter, and the moment is frozen into a touchable piece of image forever. This is what instant photography can bring you, that unique sense and touch that beautiful scenery captured onto the photographic paper.
Ever since Polaroid manufactured their first instant camera in the 1940s, the history of photography has turned to a new leaf. When Lomo, Fuifilm and other brands came into play one after another, instant photography gradually became how ordinary people record daily life, professional photographers’ creative tools, and the spring of inspiration for artists. Everything today is rapid, even instant photography is developing into a more easy-for-use direction.  Not only the cameras are getting smaller, the procedures are also getting relatively simpler. But does that mean photography has already been narrowed down into instant recording? InstantFlex TL70, a product of 2015, caught the eyes of many. It was the first Instax film double lens instant camera that was designed in Hong Kong. Perhaps InstantFlex could slow down our nervous reflexes, and reopen our senses to our beautiful surroundings?
Products you have seen in this page
The Polaroid Fever
Polaroid SX-70 was the world’s first instant camera ever. Named by its inventor Edwin H. Land in memorial of his 70th trial at Special Experiment for the birth of the camera.
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The first instant camera in history was the Polaroid 95. Born in 1948, the camera’s technology was not very sophisticated until the 1970s, when PolaroidSX-70 was invented by American physicist Edwin H. Land, a revolutionized model to its predecessor. Immediately started off a heated trend of instant photography following its come out, Polaroid has a unique feature of “illusive” colors and texture, which gives it a sense of realness. The uncommon beauty of Polaroid lies in its ability to record still life with high authenticity and fine aesthetics. This is also why it is used widely in the field of Arts that helps it pass through any crisis of extinction and elimination.
The Impossible Project - The Rebirth of Polaroid
Many instant photography lovers may still remember, that day in 2008 when Polaroid 600 announced their decision to stop producing films. Speculations arose based on the news, with some suggesting Polaroid’s failure to continue their business. Fortunately, The Impossible Project founder Dr. Florian Kaps kick-started a fund raising campaign to preserve Polaroid’s factory and equipment, but only without the formula for its film production. Hence they developed a new set of Polaroid film chemical equation with Ilford Photo, providing “new blood” for the Polaroid cameras. It is said that The Impossible Project will even get involved in the instant camera market to produce the first model of instant camera of its own brand. Heads up instant cam lovers!
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The signature square shaped Polaroid photographs.
Products you have seen in this page
Developed by The Impossible Project, the neo-Polaroid photographic paper was manufactured in 2010, with both black-and-white and color negative films for choosing.
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Lomo, your playtime companion
Flourishing colors and plastic camera body, the character design of Lomo “toy” cameras.
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Known for its colorful and toy looking camera bodies, Lomo camera successfully gives itself a fun character which stands out from the bunch. Lomo comes in different series – Holga, Diana and LC-A+, with high flexibility in photo effects. The eye-catching appearance is what also makes it very popular among younsters. Using 120mm and 135mm negative films, Lomo camera inspires a fusion of analog cameras with modern technology – supported by Fujifilm, Lomo is now also compatible with Instax instant film! Released not long ago, Lomo Instant and Lomo Instant Wide are already on its way to more advanced level of user customization and functions, such as the changeable lens kit. Wait and see for more surprises from Lomo in the future. 
Lomo photos have fantastical colors by traditional film. With a hint of the Polaroid aesthetics, Lomo successfully expands its functions along the line of filters and effects.
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 Lomo photos with multiple exposure and color filter also surprise the audience.
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Fujifilm for Everyone
Fujifilm camera has a stylish design that comes with different body colors. It is easy to handle and produces good quality images, a very nice choice for everyday “photographers” like you and I.
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Fujifilm instant camera aims at being user-friendly. The palm-size camera body has a stylish curvy design, and it doesn’t strive to be as advanced as its Polaroid and Lomo counterparts, rather, it aims at simplicity in controlling. Used with their own brand of Instax film, the camera is a user-friendly model that produces satisfying images. In recent years, Fujifilm even started to add in extra shooting modes into the camera functions, such as the selfie mode and the whitening mode, combining mobile camera apps with instant photography. Fujifilm’s readiness in adapting to quick market changes gives it a stand in the instant camera industry in Southeast Asia.
Fujifilm is your best companion at birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and festival events. Its quick camera modes and auto functions help you to take good quality images in just a blink.
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InstantFlex Double Lens Instant Camera Marches on 
InstantFlex TL70 has the looks for the everyday hipsters and art enthusiasts; it will surely bring you back the enjoyment of instant photography.
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Developed from scratch in Hong Kong is the double lens instant camera InstantFlex TL70. It is the first in history of the same series, a surprise in recent years since its debut last year. InstantFlex TL70 has the appearance as well as functions that are loved by art enthusiasts – a classic double lens camera on the outside, but when the photo is developed and exported next to the viewfinder on the top, that is the surprising moment every photo-taker awaits. InstantFlex deliberately preserves both the sophistication and fun of double lens camera. It might take you more time for a single shot, and it requires higher level of technique and patience, but seems that this is what we all need to take a break from the quick-paced everyday life.
Products you have seen in this page
Shooting from waist angle might be new to some people, as it is harder to keep balance and thus taking more time to finish a shot.
Comments from Instant Camera keeper Mr. TM Wong

TM Wong is the world record keeper who possesses the largest number of instant film cameras. Not only a collector but also a photography lover himself, he supports the InstantFlex TL70.
“I will describe the InstantFlex TL70 as a camera which has accomplished much more than it should have. Developed by a small developer, it’s an interesting local product that deserves appreciation. Even with the room for improvement, I will give it a grade of above 90 marks, and I am going to get one myself.”
Source of Images: Patrick Ng
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