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TRAVELER’S notebook

Seemingly ‘ordinary’, each passing day slipped through our fingers in the blink of an eye. They turned into our memories, accumulated as experiences and helped us become a better person. The past is gone forever, but thanks to TRAVELER’S notebook, you can now trace those valuable moments in just a second. Gathering memories, feelings and experiences, the notebook documents the happiness and joy in everyday life, allowing you the chance to rediscover the excitement of your daily routines and living your life as a travel journey punctuated with surprises.
Delicately handcrafted in Thailand, each one-of-a-kind TRAVELER’S notebook features a distinctive leather pattern. Dedicated to passionate individuals, LOG-ON has launched a new series, the Olive Edition, injecting a refreshing and delightful vibe into daily life.
Olive green, associated with nature and newborns, carries a hint of calmness in its refreshing character.
Products you have seen in this page
Diverting its signature brown leather cover, TRAVELER’S notebook has introduced an olive green themed-edition, with a natural style brimming with freshness and energy. The Olive Edition arrived at LOG-ON on 1 April. In addition to the leather notebook, the new series also features a brass pen and a pen holder, enabling you to jot down ideas whenever they flow in. A handful of exclusive gifts and services are also on offer, including a newly debuted foil stamping service for your notebook cover.
TRAVELER’S notebook Olive Edition HK$398
TRAVELER’S Brass Pen Olive Edition HK$218
TRAVELER’S Pen Holder Olive Edition HK$88
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Receive foil stamping1 and custom engraving services2 upon purchasing an Olive Edition TRAVELER’S notebook and a brass pen. Other free gifts include wooden charms printed with ‘Olive Edition’ and alphabet charms. Limited quantity, while stock lasts.
1Foil stamping service and wooden charms are only available in Festival Walk, Harbour City, Cityplaza and Fashion Walk stores.
2Customized engraving service and alphabet charms are only available at LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY in Harbour City and Festival Walk.
Five Ways to Embellish Your Notebook

With a simple and clean cover and inner pages, the TRAVELER’S notebook is perfect to integrate with different design elements. Give your creativity full scope and make your own statement! TRAVELER'S notebook Corner is set up at LOG-ON stores in Festival Walk, Harbour City, Cityplaza and Fashion Walk, where you can create a stylish notebook using a wide range of DIY materials provided. Here are some suggestions on how to give a little polish to your notebook, and you can mix and match them depending on the content.
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Eye-catching charms

Materials: alphabet charms / wooden charms printed with Olive Edition
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Perfect collage

Materials: stamps / tapes

Three-dimensional beauty

Materials: dried flowers
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Personal memoir

Materials: photos / tickets / stamps

Touch and feel

Materials: calligraphy / illustration
LOG-ON has been endeavoring to offer travellers and stationery fanatics a variety of exquisite, practical products from around the world. Founded in Japan, TRAVELER’S notebook has partnered with LOG-ON for many years, co-organizing dozens of exclusive events, ranging from the launch of Hong Kong Tramways and Star Ferry Special Edition, and its 10th anniversary exhibition last year, to regular gatherings and user sharing sessions.
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To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Hong Kong Tramways in 2015, TRAVELER’S notebook presented HONG KONG TRAMWAYS EDITION, which integrated into Hong Kong local culture.
Products you have seen in this page
LOG-ON ToGather organizes user gathering sessions on a regular basis. At each gathering, international speakers share their travel adventures based on a specific theme.
More than just a writing tool, a TRAVELER’S notebook is a treasure trove of life experiences that is unique to every person.
LOG-ON promises to be the best companion as you explore all kinds of surprises, pleasures and touching moments along your life journey. Let your everyday life sparkles like a wonderful odyssey!
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