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Classic Returns: Polaroid OneStep 2
By transforming real scenes to images holding in your hands – in just a couple of seconds – instant photos satisfy the need and expectation of people in this fast-paced society: instant shooting, instant sharing, instant joy spreading.

This year is ‘a year of instant cameras’, global manufacturers fell over each other to release their new instant camera models, and among all, the spotlight falls on Polaroid’s 80th anniversary celebration model OneStep2, which will have its official launch on 15 October in the US. OneStep2 is undoubtedly a salute to the classic, yet shows an overall improvement in control system, flashlight, film, and together with other fine-tunes, allowing you to capture the best moments in an easier way, with a familiar shell.
As a guide to trendy lifestyles, LOG-ON has become the first retail store in Hong Kong selling OneStep2, the camera will be on our shelves starting from mid-October this year.
The launch of OneStep 2 marks a new beginning for Polaroid. After The Impossible Project acquired Polaroid’s film production in 2009, eight years passed and now the team launches the first product under the name PolaroidTM Originals, a new line dedicated to analog instant photos. Compared to the team’s previous release - instant camera I-1, OneStep 2 exhibits better functions in all sorts of areas.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Salute to Classic 

The rainbow strip down the front of the 1977 Polaroid OneStep camera, makes it a signature for the brand. OneStep 2 recalls this classic vintage design, we can now experience modern technology in a familiar shell.
Super Easy Control

With a body weighing only 440 grams, OneStep 2 is effortless to carry around with, and effortless to control too. Automatic control system allows straightforward shooting. Users can adjust exposure level or flash system for taking impressive multiple exposure photos and selfies in a simple way.
Powerful Built-in Flash

A fully-charged OneStep 2 camera will have enough power to shoot 15 to 20 packs of film with flash, depending on usage. It has a long battery life up to 60 days.

The self-timer provides an 8-second countdown, allowing you to place yourself in your photos or create perfectly-timed photographs. Once triggered, orange light will blink indicating the countdown.
Products you have seen in this page
Polish your memories with a high contrasting monotone or colours more vivid than reality. 
Shorter Film Development Time

Film development time has shortened from 15 minutes in the last generation to 7 minutes now, for both black & white and colour films, further standing out the privilege of an instant camera.
Higher Film Quality

The release of Fujifilm SQ10 earlier this year has showed that square frame is going to be the latest trend in the coming instant camera market. OneStep2 has inherited this square cutting from the classic Polaroid, compatible with Polaroid and Impossible I-Type and 600-Type films, in both black & white and colour, including special editions. The new film exhibits brighter and sharper images, featuring the distinct dreamy aesthetic that Polaroid is famous for.
Blend in creativity and fantasy to real scenes, together with some shooting techniques, make life fascinating! 
Products you have seen in this page
Instant photography is going to be one of the highlights in LOG-ON this fall, besides OneStep 2, more inspiring instant cameras will be introduced in the days coming. In this pleasant autumn weather, it’s time to go for a shooting trip among the fields and hills, capturing memories with him and her, then together share the joy immediately as soon as you freeze the wonderful moments.
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