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Keeping a journal is keeping time and emotions in reach. From personal history to emotional moments; lengthy paragraphs or just a simple smiley face; memorabilia such as receipts, tickets and photographs - everything you pen and put down on the journal lasts. Unlike typing on the metallic keyboards and screens, your sorrowful teardrops can melt the ink; your excited pen strokes leave scratches on the pages; your assertive cross-outs mark accomplished plans. This is life. This is you.
LOG-ON realizes the importance and uniqueness of journaling, hence selects for you over 500 styles of schedule books from all over the globe. Also launching is a new system to notify you the arrival of your preferred schedule books, helping you to build your habit of journaling. Start creating your own schedule book today; time is tangible from now on.
Products you have seen in this page
4 Themes for Everyone

LOG-ON searches around the world and cherry-picks for you schedule books of over 500 different styles. From exterior to interior designs, the schedule books are differentiated by 4 series ─ Business, Fancy, Functional and Ladies, one of which must suit your needs.

With a minimalist design, the Business schedule book has a light but tough 7mm cover, and smooth paper for writing. Documents and business cards can be stored inside the pockets. Suitable for different business and meeting occasions.

The business schedule book is handy and portable, its A4 size weighs only 300g while the A5 size weighs 155g.
Slim Light Touch - Only 7mm thickness
Products you have seen in this page
Built-in pocket to easily carry loose papers or documents
Products you have seen in this page

With cute animals and cartoon characters as the theme, the colourful and joyful background of the schedule book surely bright up your every single day.
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The functional schedule books come in various styles, suiting your personal needs. Latest function includes 8 zip pockets for organizing your stationery and a cover zip pocket for your mobile phone. Organise your belongings once and for all.
The outermost pocket can easily fit your mobile phone
Products you have seen in this page
Includes a zippered pocket to keep your favourite pens and accessories
Products you have seen in this page
Different styles of functional schedule books. The newly introduced horizontal format planner makes scheduling easy breezy.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page

Made for charming ladies, the Ladies series schedule books are suitable for a wide range of age and personalities.
A whole new personalized matching service

To accommodate the great demand of schedule books, from 8 September to 30 October, 2015, LOG-ON introduces a new Online Schedule Book Purchase Reminder Service. Please fill in a simple form according to your preferences and personal particulars, we will send you a notification when your picks of journals arrives our stores.
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