August 2014 / Inspiration
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At ¬ [DESKBOUND], LOG-ON presents the wonderful world of stylish, uncluttered accessories that help you create your own desk space to reflect your personality, style and ambitions.  Did you notice the mathematical negation operant(¬) in the name? It represents our ethos that only if you are careful to explore the details can you be inspired by our selection. Today, LOG-ON is a place in Hong Kong that can turn a boring old table into personal spaces that tell stories about its inhabitants, and help you indulge in desk spaces that are uniquely yours. 

What is ¬ [DESKBOUND] culture?

Our customers have evolved and so have their shopping habits. People today know who they are and what they want from very early on and our
¬ [DESKBOUND] corner is the place for you to come and deepen your knowledge on specialties, and create spaces that require thought, emotion and a deeper sense of personal accomplishment. What we like to call ‘the lost craft of concept cultivation’.
With ¬ [DESKBOUND], we are giving you the opportunity to cultivate an interest, be creative and instead of shopping for the sake of shopping, to do it with passion, stimulated by a vision. And most importantly, this is not exclusive to grown ups. Almost all kids today have their own workspace. Having parents and children come to LOG-ON and spend time working on a personal project like ¬ [DESKBOUND] can be both a bonding session as well as what we believe a creative outlet. Who knows what you’ll come up with! 
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
And so they say that the pen is mightier than the sword. The Weight of Words, a mouthwatering haven for writers and artists alike, is a workshop of writing and drawing utensils to choose from and so much more. With an arsenal of pens, paper, both digital and drawing pens on display, one can easily find premium tools to work with.
Showcasing everything from desk surfaces to containers, books, journals, paints and paintbrushes, art paper to drawing instruments, our Area of Creativity is bound to stimulate your creativity for artistic pursuits.
Need some help organizing your schedule? How about color-coding this with our Color of Time display to highlight all your important meetings? Come experience this extraordinary array of schedule books and calendars for your wall displays and tabletops 
Products you have seen in this page
With Volume of Mobility, we offer our collection of smart carrying bags and tabletop containers to help you stay organized whether at home or on the go. We’ll even show you how to pack for survival at 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours and so on.
How hot or how cold is your taste in music? Temperature of Music is our grading concept, which selects music from warm to cold, to pair up with the right headphones. It's a wild and exciting concept that we are most proud of so come check it out!
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
So you see, LOG-ON concept store is much more than buying products that suit your fancy. It’s a paradise where creative souls can immerse themselves in a truly innovative shopping experience to cultivate their very own concepts.
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