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Time management and scheduling is a big part of our daily lives, which is why creative minds have been resolute in finding ways and means to better view their schedule. Some people do it with a standard diary that allows them to track appointments and review at a glance the day’s agenda, while others stay curious and continue to evolve ideas. One such extraordinary person who happens to also be Senior Buyer, Stationery at city’super is Patrick Ng, quixotic and fervent inventor of the Chronodex.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Simply put, it is a mapping system that helps you view your schedule in a visually captive format. The Chronodex was created based on the idea of a clock or watch over a 24-hour day system. It is available in digital format for download and designed to fit Midori TRAVELER'S Notebooks.

Created in 2011 out of sheer necessity, Chronodex has been downloaded by more than half a million people to date and many have customized the system to suit their needs. As a buyer myself, I use it on a daily basis to schedule tasks which have specific durations. It is particularly useful in overseas sourcing trips because things like flight delays and meeting re-schedules can really screw up your plans. Being able to visualize on-the-go matters a lot to me.
The Chronodex marks three concentric circles around the full circle at the core, which allows you to plan around a 24-hour period. The more important appointments can be marked using larger pies, which helps you to visualize and memorize the significance of those events.
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What you do with the Chronodex is simply to colour or shade in the segments of the clock where you have a given activity, task, meeting or appointment. Then draw a line out of the segment to anywhere empty on the page and start giving it a title or write notes related. This way, you utilize all the available empty spaces just like a mind map, instead of being limited by traditional grid like diary systems.
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Using different colours and introducing a colour code system helps in organizing your day clearly. It does take some practice but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to get a snap shot overview of how you’ve spent your time based on the colours, which is an important retro-inspection of how well you’ve used your time. (See example below)
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The flow of the day is the central point of the system and the beauty of the circle will make your planner look like a piece of art.

Together with LOG-ON’s schedule books, Chronodex is the next wave of design inspiration that has taken flight. So next time you’re at a LOG-ON store, why not pick up a schedule book and try out the Chronodex.
To learn more about the system and interact with other Chronodex users, you check out the following Chronodex fan and group pages.
>Chronodex Facebook Page
>Chronodex Flickr Group

If you’re familiar with The Little Printer, the Chronodex is on their subscription list too! Read ahead to learn more http://blog.bergcloud.com/2013/09/11/chronodex-and-little-printer/

Download Chronodex, please visit: http://goo.gl/ryvTtB
Products you have seen in this page
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